Every family, like every person, prefers different places to stay. Some want the center while others prefer the quiet.
We try to find the place that suits you best.
We have many pre-reserved apartments but we are always ready to get you something beyond that.
Apartments for wheelchair users, as well as with a baby bed are always available.
We take into account all your needs and thus we try to meet your budget, personal interest and health condition.
We will find you the BEST APARTMENT!


Since the patients come from different cultural backgrounds and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible, we ask volunteers who also come from your cultural background to prepare the food for you.
After a full day of treatments you may not have the strength to prepare dinner. Especially not if you have to be in the hospital overnight.
But no worry! You get FREE LOCAL food!

What happens to the Shabbes meal is quite simple.
On Friday afternoon you get 3 full meals in front of your door, which include: According to the number of people/meal
Challot, wine, fish, soup, meat, salads, ball, dessert
You can also get cakes and sweets, fruit salad and everything else your heart desires!


We help you to find the best means of transport.
You can decide whether to take a taxi or rent a car.
If you decide to take a taxi, we have a very nice and professional team of taxi drivers who will be happy to drive you.
If you decide to rent a car, we will help you in your search.
We take care of everything